Our handmade biscotti makes a delicious gift! Below you will find the pre-defined gift boxes we are currently featuring. If you would like to customize a gift box, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for!

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  • Almond Biscottini Assortment Gift Boxes

    from $11.50

    Almond Biscottini is a petite version of our original ultra crunchy, extra nutty biscotti. Handmade with an extravagance of fresh roasted California almonds, and a touch of fresh ground Ceylon cinnamon, our biscottini have a unique wholesome flavor. These scrumptious treats are the perfect fit for all occasions.

  • Carol Ann’s Tower of Temptations


    Carol Ann has been baking Shelley’s Biscotti for 10 years. She builds her tower on a assorted box of our Almond Biscotti including the Dark and White Chocolate Dipped, a box of crisp Sesame Cardamom Regina Biscotti and a tower topper of housemade Dark Chocolate Roasted Almond Bark.

  • Charlotte’s Tower of Temptations


    Filled with Charlotte’s personal favorites nestled in shiny golden boxes you’ll find our decadent Double Dark Chocolate Biscotti, crunchy Apricot Walnut Biscotti and a tower topper of housemade White Chocolate Roasted Almond Bark.